🎙Episode #007: Zarena Sita (Assistant State's Attorney)

🎧 Listen Now: Zarena Sita

Greetings from snow-dusted Washington, D.C.

In this week’s episode I speak with Zarena Sita who is an Assistant State's Attorney in Baltimore County, Maryland. In our conversation, we discuss her path to becoming a prosecutor, how she reviews case files, makes plea offers, and prepares her opening statements, the role of on-the-job training, some of her most memorable moments in trial, and the importance of diversity in prosecutor's offices.

Zarena was such a fun person to interview and I am grateful to my Georgetown Law colleague, Professor Tiffany Jeffers, for connecting us.

Keep an eye out for next week’s interview where we continue the trial theme when I speak with a public defender from Cleveland. And if trial is not your thing, don’t worry there are many more interesting interviews to come (at least I think so).

Thanks again for listening. I appreciate all of the social media shares and ratings on Apple Podcasts and other directories. It means a lot as I get the podcast project off the ground.

See you next Tuesday,