🎙Episode #010: Juvaria Khan (Non-Profit Founder and Director of the Appellate Project)

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Greetings from Washington, D.C.

It is only February and the How I Lawyer podcast has already reached double-digit episodes (with over 5,500 total listens). I appreciate the support so far and promise that there are many great interviews still to come from across the profession.

In today’s episode I speak with Juvaria Khan, the founder and director of the Appellate Project, an organization dedicated to empowering law students of color to thrive in the appellate field.

In our conversation, we discuss her path to founding her own non-profit organization including stints at Big Law firms, a district court clerkship, and several years as an impact litigator at Muslim Advocates. We also discuss the goals of the Appellate Project, the importance and potential impact of better representation in the field of appellate advocacy, and the unique skills necessary to founding a non-profit organization (and how those skills connect to legal skills).

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