🎙The How I Lawyer Podcast is LIVE!

Enjoy Interviews with Andrea Stagg (Deputy GC, Barnard College) and Raffi Melkonian (Appellate Litigator, Wright Close & Barger LLP)

Happy New Year!

I am excited to announce that the How I Lawyer Podcast is officially LIVE. You can listen to the first three episodes right now by clicking here or by subscribing wherever you get your podcasts.

I am not a big “New Year’s Resolution Guy” but my goal for 2021 is to interview 50 lawyers from across the profession. Thanks to many of you I already have a list of leads far longer than 50 lawyers. That said, I sincerely hope you’ll keep the recommendations coming. I can’t promise I’ll be able to interview everyone but I certainly will try.

In the future, I will release a new episode each Tuesday but given that everyone is getting ready to head back to work this week after the holiday I decided to launch the first three episodes a few days early. You can listen as you clean the house for the new year (at least that is what we will be doing at my house) or you can queue up the episodes for your “commute”—from your home to your office or from your “evening sweatpants” into your “workday sweatpants.”

The first three episodes are available now at the following links:

  • In Episode #001 (~5m), I briefly introduce myself and talk a little bit about why I started the podcast.

  • In Episode #002 (~32m), I speak with Andrea Stagg who is the Deputy General Counsel at Barnard College in New York City. In the conversation we discuss how a college internship led her to a career in higher education law, the unique joys (and challenges) of working in the general counsel's office at a college or university, and the power of e-mail as a means to convey concise and kind legal advice.

  • In Episode #003 (~51m), I speak with Raffi Melkonian who is a Partner at Wright Close & Barger LLP in Houston, Texas. Raffi is an experienced appellate litigator who practices in Texas state courts, the federal courts of appeal, and the United States Supreme Court. He is also well known as the "so-called Dean" of #AppellateTwitter. In the conversation we discuss his path from New York Big Law corporate lawyer to Texas appellate litigator, the personal and professional benefits of social media, the unique nature of appellate practice in Texas, what he learned from his trial and appellate clerkships, and how he writes briefs and prepares for oral argument.

Feel free to listen to one or listen to them all—and in whatever order you choose.

It would mean a lot to me if you could share this post with anyone who you think might be interested (family, friends, colleagues, law students or aspiring law students) or share the podcast on social media using the link 👇


Finally, if you have any recommendations, questions, or comments about the podcast please do not hesitate to respond to this e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Until next week,